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Back-country Enthusiast

If you love waterfalls, Tom's your go-to guide. He has a special affinity for them and spends his spare time hunting wild waterfalls in the jungle. 

A badass hiker, Tom can take you places you never dreamed existed by land or by sea. He enjoys guiding Kayak expeditions and secret beach trails as well as hikes to any location you can imagine.



Loves to Inspire People

 If you're looking for fantastic photos in epic locations, Asher is your go-to guide. He loves to take people to beautiful places and help them find great shots. 

Asher has a very gentle spirit (despite his hardcore hiking exterior) and loves to share his knowledge of the local plants and how we are all a part of nature, rather than apart from it.

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Versatile & Good-Natured

As a Wilderness First Responder, Chris has been guiding hiking tours professionally for over 15 years. He has inside info about all of the public's favorite spots from the rugged mountains of the interior to hidden coastal beaches. 

He knows of something for everyone and can meet you where you're at whether you're looking for a gentle walk or a vigorous adventure with miles of extreme elevation changes. He knows all of the classic "not to miss" destinations, as well as a plethora of hidden gems and guide secrets.

Kauai's Expert Hiking Guides

for Adventures By Land & Sea

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