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Hidden Gem Beaches

Your introduction to the Hidden Gems of Kauai: Hard to find Beaches

4 hrs | $295

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When it comes to beaches on Kauai, the local attitude seems to be, "if you don't know it's there, why should I tell you"? Signage is almost nonexistent and the locals like to keep the best beaches to themselves - empty and private.


But all beaches on Kauai are actually public. It's just finding them that can be a challenge. Our expert Guides are extremely well versed in the Hidden Gems of Kauai and are willing to introduce you to some of the loveliest, loneliest beaches and wild oceanfront you can possibly imagine. A typical half day Hidden Beach adventure will introduce you to 2-3 magical wonderful spots that you can go back to and revisit at your leisure anytime.


Beach conditions here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are constantly changing and peaceful places one day can be inhospitably dangerous the next day. Your guide is very familiar with local ocean conditions, weather, and the local surf reports and will tailor your adventure to the optimal experience you are looking for, taking all of those factors into account.

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Hidden Gem Beach Adventure

4 hrs | $295

All Prices are for 1-2 people. Additional people are 10% extra per person.

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