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Kauai's Outdoor Adventure Experts


We are Kauai's expert Hiking & Adventure Guides, and we design outdoor Adventures customized to meet your wildest dreams! Whether you're looking for a clifftop hike with a fantastic view, an amazing location for your next photoshoot, or the most beautiful hidden gems of the island's exquisite beaches, we take the time to listen to you, figure out precisely what you're looking for and custom design your Kaua'i hiking adventure to meet your needs & fantasies.

Weather & ocean conditions on Kauai can be very tricky, unpredictable, and wildly variable from one area of the island to the next. And one day to the next! All of our expert hiking  guides are familiar with how the secret beauties of the island can turn into muddy messes or raging torrents. They watch the weather and use their special local knowledge to customize your adventure to exactly what you are looking for.

Half-Day Hike

4-hour adventure to a beautiful location.

4 hr


Sunset Photography

Let your Guide escort you to unbelievable sunset locations

2 hr


Full-Day Hike

A full day of hiking in Kauai's most beautiful locations

8 hrs


Half-day Waterfall Adventure

Gorgeous waterfalls hanging out in the jungle await you!

4 hr


Hidden Gem Beaches

Your introduction to the Hidden Gems of Kauai: Hard to find Beaches

4 hr


Full-day Waterfall Adventure

An epic hike to a gorgeous Kaua'i Waterfall!

8 hrs


Secret Waterfall Adventure

A 4-6 hour waterfall adventure to a Secret Waterfall!

4-6 hrs


All Prices are for 1-2 people. Additional people are 10% extra per person.

Kauai's Expert Hiking Guides

for Adventures By Land & Sea

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